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Withdrawal Methods

Following one of the safest protocols available in the industry, traders can rest assured that with Stellar Finance, withdrawal will not be a hurdle anymore.

The Give- in and Give-out system.

At Stellar Finance, all our withdrawal requests are processed according to the Give- in and Give-out system. In this system traders give in the required documents essential for approving a withdrawal request so that we can give out the money they asked for.

Below is a list of documents needed to approve a withdrawal request:

A proof of identity

At Stellar Finance we never accept a withdrawal request without ensuring that the money is being withdrawn by the trading account’s owner. This is why it is primordial for you to submit a scanned copy of your passport issued by the government of your country.

A proof of address

Yes, your account is secured. All funds which are deposited by our traders are separately held in different accounts which are used for trading purposes. In other words, your account is not mixed up with the account of the company, your funds are hence always secured. This is done in absolute confidentiality.

A proof of payment

A copy of the electronic card used to make the deposit (The front & back of credit/debit card).

Deposit Confirmation Form

We only need to see your name, the expiry date of the card, the LAST 4 digits on the front and your signature at the back of your card. We would like to emphasise on the fact that all the remaining information present on your card should be hidden.

How to withdraw your money?

As we have a diversified pool of traders, we ensure that our withdrawal methods are diversified too. The different withdrawal methods available are:

Credit or Debit card method.

Being one of the most mainstream methods of payment used online, traders are advised to always use their own card to fund their trading account. Furthermore, keep in mind that there are additional charges associated with this type of fund transfer method.

Bank Wire Transfer method.

If you choose this method, please be advised that the procedures attached to it, are slightly lengthier compared to other methods of Withdrawals. For Bank Wire Transfer, there will be a direct transaction between Stellar Finance’s bank account and your bank account. If you would like to have more information about this transfer method, you are most welcome to contact our Compliance team at [email protected].

E- Wallet Method.

E-Wallet is a much-appreciated method by traders as it the simplest method. As simple as it is, all you have to do is to register with your email address.

Once you provide all the required documents, you can click on the “My account” feature and look for the withdrawal tab so as to initiate the procedure.

Withdrawal procedure is the main weakness of several brokers. However, at Stellar Finance, withdrawal is one of our fortes as we ensure that all our withdrawal requests are processed on time. That is, your money will reach your bank account within 3 to 5 business days.