The Trend trading tool on our platform is a unique avenue for accessing the financial markets owing to the characteristically short expiry times it offers. Traders can enter and exit markets in a matter of seconds. This offers the lucrative opportunity to execute multiple trades in a short period of time.

About Trend trading tool

60 seconds trading. This is the most commonly given name to the Trend trading tool. It actually allows people perform short term trades and to make profits in short time frames which is much appreciated among traders. In more technical terms, the Trend trading tool allows traders to choose from expiry time as short as 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds reaching which, if your prediction about an asset’s market value is correct, you make a profit. If you are good at time management then this tool it is really made for you.

Predicting price movements within seconds is however not that simple as it may seem. As such, the trend tool must be used carefully. A good grasp on chart analysis definitely helps.

How to use our Trend Trading Tool

Basically traders need to opt for a Call Option if they believe that the price of the asset will rise, or opt for a Put Option if they believe that the value of the asset will decrease.

Step 1.
You need to make sure that you have a fully funded account. If not, please open one at:

Step 2.
Select the Trend trading tool found in the ‘Trading Room’ section of the trading platform.

Step 3.
Select an asset and your investment amount. Your investment amount will vary according to the asset you choose starting with a minimum of $5. Then select an expiry time which will range from 60 to 120 seconds

Step 4.
Choose between CALL if you believe the value of your asset will rise and PUT if you think otherwise.

Step 5.
Monitor your trade, while waiting for the result.

Features of our Trend Trading Tool

  • This tool is highly appreciated by people who are always on the go or who have a day job other than trading have not much time to dedicate to trading. This tool takes a maximum of 2 minutes of your day per trade.
  • With this tool you can trade on any available asset with only $5.
  • Payouts can reach up to 78% based on the set expiry time and the investment amount placed. Higher investment amounts would lead to higher profits since there are more risks involved.

Trading Strategies that you can use

  1. One of the most useful trading strategies in the binary option industry is keeping up with market trends, geopolitical news events and financial buzz. This is called fundamental analysis. The other consideration is the past movements of the market value of an asset. This can be used as a premise for predicting future trends, This is called technical analysis. By rounding up figures from both types of analyses in our daily market updates, we make it easy for our traders to make informed trading decisions.
  2. Use trading signals – Most brokers offer signals which are msot of the time accurate. These signals can be used to cross check the analysis you make prior to investing in a trade.
  3. Keep upgrading– Education is key to success. To become a successful trader you need to learn how the job is done professionally and do it that way. There are a lot of technical trading strategies out there which are effective and redeeming. Mastering most of them would be a definite advantage.