Platform Tools

Whatever your investment style or financial goal, we provide you with the tools you need to take your trading further. This includes a classic tool for trading binary options as well as Intraday and Trend, which demarcate from Binary Options in features such as expiry time and potential payout percentage.

Binary Options

Binary Options is the simplest and most straightforward tool on our trading platform. Just enter the parameters of your trade such as the Expiry Time and risk level before placing a Call or Put option. Your risk level will determine your payout percentage.


In line with the principles underlying day trading, Intraday is optimised for those traders looking to open and close a position in the same trading day. The tool can be used to capitalize on a potential rise or drop in the market value of a financial asset.


Trend is a trading tool with expiry times ranging from 60 to 120 seconds. It is the absolute fastest way you can access the financial markets. The tool is also perfect for benefiting from small price movements, which you would not be able to trade using an hourly or daily time frame.