• BitCoin/CNY 6694.000 08:00 24.03
  • ROSNEFT' 317.600 08:00 24.03
  • HSBC-HK 63.050 08:00 24.03
  • TATA STEEL 496.275 08:00 24.03
  • AXIS BANK 491.000 08:00 24.03
  • LUKOIL RS 3072.500 08:00 24.03
  • GAZPROM 131.165 08:00 24.03
  • SBERBANK 163.885 08:00 24.03
  • S.BANK INDIA 274.950 08:00 24.03
  • TATA MOTORS 471.125 08:00 24.03
  • HANG SENG F-MAR17 24367.500 08:00 24.03
  • NIFTY F-MAR17 9129.500 08:00 24.03
  • FTSE F-JUN17 7271.250 08:00 24.03
  • STRAITS TIMES 3145.470 08:00 24.03
  • NASDAQ F-JUN17 5368.000 08:00 24.03
  • HANG SENG 24341.670 08:00 24.03
  • BOMBAY SE 29434.67 08:00 24.03

Trading Tools

At Stellar Finance, we believe that trading binary options can be challenging yet achievable. In this context, we put at the disposal of our traders, the latest trading tools, integrated in a unique trading platform, to help them gauge profits from their trading experience and meet the ends month.

Classic Binary Options

Classic Binary Options is among the very first tools created to trade binary options. Simple and accurate, this tool allows traders to trade on multiple assets with a minimum investment amount of $25. Contrary to just buying and selling assets on Forex, Binary Options overtook this system in a way that traders only have to anticipate the price movement of a given asset. Outcomes of Classic Binary Options is that you can either be in-the-money or be out-of-the-money.

Pairs Trading

Pairs Trading is an innovative tool destined to allow traders trade and gain profits from two underlying assets. This trading tool help traders to measure the strength of one asset paired against another. It is a very popular form of trading especially amidst famous stocks and major currencies. For example, a trader can trade Apple v/s Amazon or currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Ladder Trading

You’ve got the basics of binary options and now you are ready to climb the ladder. Ladder trading is an option that allows traders to place transactions on several strike times. After climbing each ladder which is referred to each trading stage, traders have to predict whether the price of an asset will rise or fall. With market fluctuations, your payouts can reach up to 1500% and this is definitely a tool to adopt.

60 Seconds Trading

Don’t have enough time to spend on each trade? No problem, Stellar Finance caters for that as well. That is why Chrono trading is there among our trading tools. With this tool, trading is available in different time expiries such as 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 180 seconds and 300 seconds and not more than these. As such, your waiting time is absolutely minimized and you can trade in less than no time.

One-touch Options

One of the favourite trading instruments of most traders, one-touch options has the ability to generate up to 500% payout. You must take the actual price, expiry time and strike rate into consideration while placing a trade here. Simply place a trade and wait that your trade at least touches the strike price you predicted. One touch at the strike price and you will be a happy person. But there’s more to it.