Privacy Policy

Stellar Finance (“Stellar Finance”, “the Organization”, “Company”) goes to extreme lengths to ensure the security and confidentiality of its customers all through their relationship with the company and from there on, to the degree achievable by Stellar Finance.

Personal Information

Right from the time customers register with Stellar Finance, they agree to share with Stellar Finance Inc. (“Us”, “the Organization”, “Company”), certain private information which we use to the finished objective of certifying their legal entity, ensuring the security of their investments and trading account. The previously stated information are assembled as per our stringent check methods which are used to avert international money laundering activities and to ensure the security and wellbeing of our customers’ trading activities all through their trading experience with Stellar Finance.


Our customers undertake the responsibility to supply the company, in good faith, with the updated and precise information about their legal entity. Furthermore, they are obliged to state that they are registering and trading by their own means and are not searching to, at any point, act in any manner which could be seen as misleading, nor are they attempting to impersonate other individuals for any reasons whatsoever.

Cookies and data collection

Stellar Finance’s data aggregation methods include the collection of customer’s freely disclosed legal information as conferred to the Company, in addition to the implementation of cookies for data gathering purposes about the path in which customers’ partner with the company’s trading site or any secondary website provided by Stellar Finance Inc. . These instruments collecting customers information are used with the deciding objective of ensuring their own particular security and all data assembled by the company is granted only to selected individuals in the company who are incorporated with the affirmation of customer record information for the express explanation behind ensuring the customer’s protection and security.

Personal data disclosure

Stellar Finance will, at no cost, disclose any private or general ordered information concerning its customers and past customers to pariahs without the express and legally written consent of our customers, other than in such specific cases in which disclosure is essential under law, or is for the most part vital in the deciding objective to perform verifications upon customer’s identity for the reasons of securing their records, accounts and securing their individual information.
By registering with Stellar Finance and through good faith and legal interaction, they pertain with Stellar Finance’s Products and Services, the customers knowingly agree to the use of all or part of the information they give concerning their Stellar Finance trading account, the trades they endeavor through it and the correspondences which they perform with the Company on the behalf Stellar Finance. All affiliations the customer grasps with Stellar Finance will be secured and stored for recording purposes and might be used by Stellar Finance in cases of disputes amidst customers and the Company (Stellar Finance).

Information Security

Stellar Finance goes to extreme lengths to ensure the confidentiality of its customers’ private information including the execution of data confirmation techniques planned to ensure customer confidentiality and secrecy. Stellar Finance ensures that its data security method is constantly being updated to the finest, to ensure that its customers’ confidential information is reliably ensured.


Stellar Finance may at any given notice contact customers by writing or verbal (phone) methods with the objective of offering them extra information about Stellar Finance Binary Options Trading or financial markets trading. Additionally, Stellar Finance may, on given occasions, attempt to contact customers, by writing or verbal (phone) methods, with the objective of informing them of novel constrained time offerings provided by the company (Stellar Finance). Customers consent to the receipt of such contact when they agree to our Terms and Conditions of use when registering with Stellar Finance. Any individual wishing to cease further contact with Stellar Finance at any given point, is perfectly entitled to proceed further by contacting the company, whether by writing or verbal (phone) means, and request that no further contact in light of a legitimate concern for the Company be made.