Market opportunities

Market Opportunities

Scrutinizing market opportunities on a daily basis, Stellar Finance brings you an overview of market trends of assets in different categories to help you in your trading endeavors. No need to go fetch news before trading, we pick the best and most relevant ones pertaining to the assets available for trade on our platform. All you need to do, is delve into them daily and you’re there, ready to trade.

Amazon customers report prices of water have surged to $99 ahead of category 5 storm Irma, which is set to hit the U.S. this weekend. Elsewhere, Ford Philippines said sales grew at a record rate of 12% in August.

Facebook Inc. artificially inflates the number of people who can see the advertisements on its platform. Meanwhile, Toshiba Corp said it has decided to build a new semiconductor manufacturing facility.

The People's Bank of China now imposes ban on ICOs, sending the crypto-currency market down. Elsewhere, e-commerce giant Amazon receives a tax credit from Ohio Tax Credit Authority.

Samsung will soon be testing self-driving vehicles in California. Meanwhile, Volkswagen will soon be recalling almost 2 million vehicles due to a fuel pump issue, quality officers said in the latest statement.

Volkswagen changes its goals for the future by aiming at the U.S. SUV market and wants to reach at least 5% market share. Tesla currently facing charges of violating workers rights and are yet to respond to the claims. has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit by a couple who claims defective eclipse glasses purchased through the online retailer damaged their eyes. Ford Motor Co. is considering deploying self-driving vehicle technology in larger commercial vehicles.

Goldman Sachs plans to counter poor performance and the bank unveils its bond-trading the coming month. Shares of Apple hits a record high and ended its session on a positive note yesterday.

Nissan Motor allies itself to giant french automaker Renault in a new joint venture aimed at producing mass electric cars. Meanwhile, Apple is set to showcase its highly anticipated iPhone 8 on the 12th of September.

Toshiba’s highly appraised memory chip business will soon be sold to Western Corp. Uber appoints chief executive of Expedia as the new CEO, in an attempt to reverse the seven years of losses.

Netflix’s subscriber count is soaring but latest reports suggest Live TV is still miles ahead in the U.S. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola Amatil report heavy losses as more and more Australians turn down the soft drink.