Market opportunities

Market Opportunities

Scrutinizing market opportunities on a daily basis, Stellar Finance brings you an overview of market trends of assets in different categories to help you in your trading endeavors. No need to go fetch news before trading, we pick the best and most relevant ones pertaining to the assets available for trade on our platform. All you need to do, is delve into them daily and you’re there, ready to trade.

Samsung rolls out its voice assistant, Bixby, to more than 200 countries. Meanwhile, Google’s new best friend is Walmart, with a new partnership aimed at challenging Amazon services.

Google releases its latest Android operating system and adds new features that were long awaited. Meanwhile, two McDonald’s restaurants in the UK will go on strike on 4 September, the US Labor Day holiday.

Reports suggest Google and Apple are partners in certain business areas and show the search engine’s dependency on Apple. Microsoft improves its speech recognition system but still proves humans are dominant in the field.

Apple’s latest augmented reality kit bound to be successful with automakers and car showrooms. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google both enable their safety features following the latest terror attack on Barcelona.

Google acquires the AIMatter, the company behind the successful photo and video editing app Fabby. Elsewhere, Luxembourg police department confirm they will be using the Tesla Model S as patrol cars and possibly switch their fleet to electric cars in a near future.

Amazon expands their invasion in the physical retail space and takes aim at impulsive buyers. Meanwhile, Facebook takes on board another ally to polish its marketplace and at the same time compete with Craiglist.

Apple could soon partner with insurance and healthcare giant Aetna in an attempt to lure the health conscious towards their new smartwatch. Elsewhere, Google, Facebook and GoDaddy shutdown hate site domain after violating terms of use.

Netflix investors seem cautious, following Disney’s announcement that it will soon enter the Streaming Video On Demand service, backed by massive investments, thanks to its multiple revenue stream. Elsewhere, Uber consider selling part of its shares, which may affect its whole decision making process.

Amazon sharpens its teeth for major sports leagues and other high demand event, with an attempt to get into the ticket-selling industry. Elsewhere, Snapchat is drowning, reporting sinking growth and growing loss.

Facebook looks to eat the whole internet and now launches it ‘Watch’ feature, which will allow users to watch shows and sport events. Meanwhile, Tesla is looking to push its self-driving tech to semi trucks, with Elon Musk possibly giving more details about this project in September.