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  • CAD/JPY 86.151 00:00 23.02
  • AUD/JPY 87.280 00:00 23.02
  • NZD/USD 0.71804 00:00 23.02
  • EUR/USD 1.05507 00:00 23.02
  • EUR/JPY 119.656 00:00 23.02
  • AUD/USD 0.76960 00:00 23.02
  • USD/JPY 113.410 00:00 23.02
  • NZD/JPY 81.387 23:30 22.02
  • EUR/AUD 1.37153 23:30 22.02
  • AUD/JPY 87.191 23:30 22.02
  • AUD/USD 0.76968 23:30 22.02
  • BitCoin/CNY 7462.225 23:00 22.02

Market opportunities

Market Opportunities

Scrutinizing market opportunities on a daily basis, Stellar Finance brings you an overview of market trends of assets in different categories to help you in your trading endeavors. No need to go fetch news before trading, we pick the best and most relevant ones pertaining to the assets available for trade on our platform. All you need to do, is delve into them daily and you’re there, ready to trade.

The markets were seen on a mixed note today as investors await the minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest meeting. These will provide an indication in regard to the pace of interest rate hikes. Asian markets also traded on a mixed note as gold lost ground.

Amazon is planning to hire more than 5,000 people in Britain this year even as the latter prepares to exit the European Union. In other news, Asian stock markets were mostly higher Tuesday after Wall Street’s three-day weekend.

Ford reaped dividends from its persistence to remain in the Russian market despite the fact that several carmakers decided to quit or sensibly reduce operations. In other news, Facebook is rolling out a new feature whereby employers and potential employees are able to interact more effectively through Facebook.

Google’s internet balloon project ‘Loon’ inches closer to deployment. The acceleration was accredited to artificial intelligence-infused navigation software to serve remote regions of the world. Apple also announced today that assembly of its lower-priced iPhone SE models will start in India in the coming months.

The U.S. dollar surrendered on Thursday ending the one-month highs recently recorded. At the same time, major U.S. indices rallied on Wednesday giving a slight boost to Asian markets, which were seen on a mixed note today.

Janet Yellen set the tone yesterday and said that waiting too long for an interest rate hike might not be good for the economy. Accordingly, Asian markets and Gold were spotted higher while crude oil edged lower today.

The resignation of Michael Flynn, late on Monday contributed to a weakening of the dollar by 0.3 percent on that day. It was revealed that he had discussed U.S. sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador to the United States. On the other side, Apple’s stock closed at an all-time high on Monday.

On Monday, the financial market was spotted on a mix note. Crude oil and Gold lost forces while Asian markets were on a positive note today. However, in South Korea, the shares tumbled due to a successful missile test.

Amazon revealed its intention to hire 2,000 additional full-time workers for its new fulfilment centre situated in California. The company initially planned to create more than 100,000 full-time job in the years to come. Moreover, Twitter posted disappointing growth revenue, thus increasing the woes of the social media company.

Today, the commodity market performed quite well. Crude oil edged higher due to an unexpected draw in inventories, while Gold was seen on a high note in Asia. Meanwhile, asian markets traded on a mix note.