• ROSNEFT' 320.700 14:30 27.04
  • TELEFONICA 10.243 14:30 27.04
  • LUKOIL RS 2890.500 14:30 27.04
  • GAZPROM 134.170 14:30 27.04
  • SBERBANK 165.160 14:30 27.04
  • BANCO SANTANDER 5.957 14:30 27.04
  • FTSE MIB F-JUN17 20332.500 14:30 27.04
  • DOLLAR INDEX-APR17 99.103 14:30 27.04
  • IBEX F-MAY17 10678.000 14:30 27.04
  • FTSE F-JUN17 7180.250 14:30 27.04
  • RTS F-APR17 110595.0 14:30 27.04
  • RTS 1112.980 14:30 27.04
  • IBEX 10687.200 14:30 27.04
  • MICEX 2015.350 14:30 27.04
  • EUR/CHF 1.08105 14:30 27.04
  • AUD/CAD 1.01426 14:30 27.04
  • CHF/JPY 111.968 14:30 27.04

Market opportunities

Market Opportunities

Scrutinizing market opportunities on a daily basis, Stellar Finance brings you an overview of market trends of assets in different categories to help you in your trading endeavors. No need to go fetch news before trading, we pick the best and most relevant ones pertaining to the assets available for trade on our platform. All you need to do, is delve into them daily and you’re there, ready to trade.

The commodity market was spotted on a low note today. Crude prices fell, dragged down by a build in stockpiles while Gold edged down due to an expected interest hike. On the other side, Asian markets strengthened today after Donald Trump’s speech.

Volkswagen AG paid $2.9 billion to repurchase nearly 138,000 U.S. diesel vehicles through Feb. 18 in the wake of its emissions scandal. In other news the dollar index rose by 0.1 % at 101.45.

The commodity market traded on a mixed note today. Crude prices were supported by the continuous efforts of OPEC to reduce production whereas Gold prices were weighed by a potential interest rate hike. Meanwhile, asian markets were boosted ahead of Donald Trump’s key speech.

The relaunch of the widely popular Nokia 3310 with enhanced features is making noise. The mobile phone will cost 49 Euros with a 22hrs talk time and one month standby time. In other news, the dollar made gains of 0.2 percent to 112.20 Yen after falling as low as 111.920 in the previous session.

According to the numbers, it seems that the financial market is already in week-end mode. The commodity market was spotted on a lazy note with Gold and Crude oil edging to the lows. Likewise, Asian markets lost ground today following the comments of Steven Munchin!

Apple’s futuristic new headquarters is set to welcome employees in April. The migration process will take six months. In other news, shares of Tesla rose by 3 % but settling at 1.6 % to $ 277.90, higher than what was expected.

The markets were seen on a mixed note today as investors await the minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest meeting. These will provide an indication in regard to the pace of interest rate hikes. Asian markets also traded on a mixed note as gold lost ground.

Amazon is planning to hire more than 5,000 people in Britain this year even as the latter prepares to exit the European Union. In other news, Asian stock markets were mostly higher Tuesday after Wall Street’s three-day weekend.

Ford reaped dividends from its persistence to remain in the Russian market despite the fact that several carmakers decided to quit or sensibly reduce operations. In other news, Facebook is rolling out a new feature whereby employers and potential employees are able to interact more effectively through Facebook.

Google’s internet balloon project ‘Loon’ inches closer to deployment. The acceleration was accredited to artificial intelligence-infused navigation software to serve remote regions of the world. Apple also announced today that assembly of its lower-priced iPhone SE models will start in India in the coming months.