Getting Started with Stellar Finance

Whatever your investment style, whatever your financial goal, Stellar Finance is committed to delivering a simple, transparent and uniquely rewarding trading experience. This starts with giving you the tools and resources you need to optimize your trades. With our Getting Started guide, we help you get acquainted with us and the world of binary options.

Sections of the Starter Guide

The Stellar Finance Getting Started guide has 9 sections. These include:

1. An introduction to Stellar Finance.

2. A look at our different account types.

3. A step-by-step guide to opening an account.

4. An introduction to our account managers.

5. A description of our deposit methods.

6. A look at our trading tools.

7. Some frequently asked questions and their answers.

8. An introduction to our Learning Academy.

9. And a page dedicated to our contact details.

Understanding our Platform

Stellar Finance provides an intuitive, enjoyable and self-explanatory trading environment. For example, for your trading convenience, you can change the appearance of the price graph we provide to your favourite chart type. We also provide you with everything you need to trade like a pro including 3 trading tools. The trick is to understand how the platform and how other processes work including banking and compliance. This is the purpose of the Stellar Finance Getting Started Guide.

No Better Place to Start

Trading in the financial market is no piece of cake. To trade successfully, you need to know when to invest, where to invest and how to invest. This starts with downloading our Getting Started guide.