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Funds Security

Funds safety is a very important aspect to consider while investing hard earned money and to ease this process for you, Stellar Finance has taken care of all the little tidbits of money investment. We make sure that all trades placed with us are carried in the safest way possible.

Why is safety so important?

You cannot fully enjoy your online trading experience if you are not confident about the safety of your funds. Demarking ourselves from other brands, we want to provide the most secured trading platform to all our traders. All the rules and regulations pertaining to safety and security are applicable to traders of all category, so that all of them trade with a stress-free mind. Generally traders are very demanding concerning their funds security and we at Stellar Finance totally understand this apprehension given that many brokers out there are scams. This is why we believe that in making our safety standards stand-out of the crowd.

The safety is not only a demand from our side but we also make sure that it is actually materialised by traders. This is explicitly demanded so as to avoid wrong information from getting into our database and that we ensure that all traders are genuine. Example; if you as a trader, you make a claim we want to make sure that all your data correspond your details while you make the demand. This is to avoid false claims.

Documents needed for safety verifications

This process is termed as the ‘compliance procedure‘ during which you will be requested to provide details as specified below:

  • A valid identity card (should be issued by the government of the country you reside in or you may also provide a driver license or international passport)
  • Utility bills (Water, Gas, Electricity)
  • Credit Card (With your name, last four digits at the back of your card and your signature clearly indicated)

For more information, feel free to contact our compliance department.

How are my funds kept secured?

Stellar Finance made sure to observe strict confidentiality when it comes to traders’ personal information. As a beginner, you will be asked to provide some of your personal details but this is done mainly in your interest as you cannot trade if we do not make sure that you are a genuine trader. Some brokers do not even ask for details and traders will notice that their funds often get manipulated without their knowledge. Not having any clue of where your funds are going is not professional at all, which explains our demand for your personal details so that we can keep your funds secured.

Platform security

Powered by SpotOption which is a leading platform provider, Stellar Finance ensures all the traders that its platform is fully secured. The platform functions accordingly with HTTPS web certificates while the website itself is SSL certified. All your information and investment are kept in segregated accounts which means that customer funds and data are managed in separate accounts. No information is divulged to any other account managers other than the one who manages your account, thus once again ascertaining clients of utmost security measures taken by us.