Stellar Finance stands out of the lot by providing traders with the finest trading features available in the binary options industry. In fact, we focus our energy in providing up to the mark and first class trading materials to traders to make sure they are meeting their objectives. Our features include roll-over, double-up and sell options. Let’s have a deeper analysis of the different features that we provide.


Very often traders want to extend their expiry time when they are sure of winning. This is what roll-over is all about. With this feature, traders have the ability to extend the expiry time of an open position if they didn’t meet their target yet. This feature however doesn’t limit itself to only allowing traders to gain more. In fact, it allows traders of all walks to minimize their losses thus giving a boost to their trading experience. So, rollover and discover more about this tool.


Double-Up is one way to make sure that you are gaining much more than expected. At Stellar Finance, we believe that our traders need to get much more than expected. Double-Up helps traders to double their initial investment as a way to gain more. Eager to double up your returns in an easy way? Double-Up is definitely for you.


Ready to lock in some profits? Sell options allow binary options traders to prevent losses by instantly creating a stop-loss strategy. Some traders offer to buy positions which are out of the money and some buy in the money positions as well. Selling an in-the-money option, on the other hand allow traders to lock in profits. This option is sure to let you earn profits.