Deposit Methods

Stellar Finance aims to provide a large range of deposit methods so that our traders are not limited in any way. It is with this strong conviction that we did not skimp on the means to provide all the most popular possible of providing the smoothest possible ways for traders to make their deposits., We have focused devoted our efforts into providing a very diverse choice channels of doing so. These include depositing by Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire Transfer and E-Wallet respectively.

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer is one of the most popular means popular another means to make for effectuating a deposit. Though the deposit procedures can sensibly take a few days mores much more time, usually 4-5 days, Bank Wire Transfer remain highly advantageous and is often referred as the preferred means of transactions for traders around the world. is as safe as the other deposit methods offered by Stellar Finance.

Below is the main steps which traders need to adhere to make a deposit through Bank Wire.

Here are the steps traders need to follow to deposit through Bank Wire Transfer

  • Contact your assigned Account Manager and request a Bank Wire Transfer form. Request the Bank Wire Transfer form from your assigned account manager
  • Go to your bank with the pre-filled form containing the bank account details of Stellar Finance
  • You will be handed a reference number which you need to include in your Bank Wire Transfer form.
  • Scan and Email Send your document to your Account Manager. Make sure that all the information are clearly visible.
  • Provided that all the above steps are followed, it usually takes 4-5 days for your requested amount to be transferred to your bank account.

Deposit via Credit/Debit Card

Making deposits through Credit/Debit cards depositing is one of the most used methods by traders. All the major Credit/Debit cards can be used for deposits. For fast processing, we recommend traders to use their own credit/ debit card as this considerably reduces the time taken for authentication procedures.

Here are a few things traders should know :

  • We don’t have access to our traders’ bank account.
  • Processing time usually takes 3 working days depending on your meeting of our compliance requirements
  • Your respective bank and its policies are important determinants in the processing time that.
  • Stellar Finance adheres to strict international financial regulations.
  • The safety of the funds of our traders is of prime importance.