• BitCoin/CNY 6694.000 08:00 24.03
  • ROSNEFT' 317.600 08:00 24.03
  • HSBC-HK 63.050 08:00 24.03
  • TATA STEEL 496.275 08:00 24.03
  • AXIS BANK 491.000 08:00 24.03
  • LUKOIL RS 3072.500 08:00 24.03
  • GAZPROM 131.165 08:00 24.03
  • SBERBANK 163.885 08:00 24.03
  • S.BANK INDIA 274.950 08:00 24.03
  • TATA MOTORS 471.125 08:00 24.03
  • HANG SENG F-MAR17 24367.500 08:00 24.03
  • NIFTY F-MAR17 9129.500 08:00 24.03
  • FTSE F-JUN17 7271.250 08:00 24.03
  • STRAITS TIMES 3145.470 08:00 24.03
  • NASDAQ F-JUN17 5368.000 08:00 24.03
  • HANG SENG 24341.670 08:00 24.03
  • BOMBAY SE 29434.67 08:00 24.03

Compliance Procedures

Providing the best trading experience is one of the core value of Stellar Finance. We adhere to strict international financial regulations, hence it is of paramount importance that we get your cooperation as well – to serve you better. Stellar Finance seeks to provide the best trading environments for its traders. However, to be able to do that, we need your cooperation as well. We require compliance documents to protect our traders against any cases of identity usurpation and fraud. Stellar Finance strictly abides by international law governing financial operations which are required by legal authorities and governments. Our Compliance department ensures that all the documents which are required are up to date according to international standards.

To ensure that you have a pleasant and safe trading journey, the following documents are required :

1. Proof of Identity

The Proof of Identity ensures that Stellar Finance either of the following: a scanned coloured copy of your National Identity Card, international passport, driving license or any legal and valid identification card which has been issued by the government of your country. The identification document must be of excellent quality with the edges clearly made visible.

2. Proof of Address

A certified valid copy of any of your utility bill (Electricity/Gas/ Bank Statement). The document must not be older than 3 months and must display your full name name and Residential address.

3. Proof of Payment

We also require a colored copy or high quality picture of your Credit card/Debit card with signature at the back of credit/debit card.

The following must be hidden for safety purposes :

  • 12 first Digits of the Front of the card
  • CVV (3 digits number) on the Back of the card

4. Deposit Confirmation Form (DCF)

The Deposit Confirmation Form (DCF) must be filled out with all your deposits made, and duly signed with a blue or black pen. Click here to get your Deposit Confirmation Form (DCF).

These are the steps to make sure your documents are properly submitted.

If you have issues regarding the submission of your documents, please contact our support agents.

Our Compliance officer will get in touch with you for further compliance procedures. Should you have any queries, please contact our compliance team at [email protected].

Stellar Finance wishes to thank its customers for their understanding and support in regards to AML rules and procedures.