• BitCoin/CNY 6694.000 08:00 24.03
  • ROSNEFT' 317.600 08:00 24.03
  • HSBC-HK 63.050 08:00 24.03
  • TATA STEEL 496.275 08:00 24.03
  • AXIS BANK 491.000 08:00 24.03
  • LUKOIL RS 3072.500 08:00 24.03
  • GAZPROM 131.165 08:00 24.03
  • SBERBANK 163.885 08:00 24.03
  • S.BANK INDIA 274.950 08:00 24.03
  • TATA MOTORS 471.125 08:00 24.03
  • HANG SENG F-MAR17 24367.500 08:00 24.03
  • NIFTY F-MAR17 9129.500 08:00 24.03
  • FTSE F-JUN17 7271.250 08:00 24.03
  • STRAITS TIMES 3145.470 08:00 24.03
  • NASDAQ F-JUN17 5368.000 08:00 24.03
  • HANG SENG 24341.670 08:00 24.03
  • BOMBAY SE 29434.67 08:00 24.03


Every trader rightly wants to have a safe and secure environment while trading, it is totally understandable. As such, at Stellar Finance we have put in place several ways so that our traders are able make deposits and withdrawals in a safe and reliable environment. After all, time is money!

Your Deposit Methods

We count over hundreds of new accounts opened on a daily basis. We made it a must to provide the smoothest way to help new traders activate their trading accounts. Depositing being one of the essential steps in a trader’s journey, we put at the disposal of our traders, several methods to do so. After your registration, you will be required to deposit the minimum investment amount so as to be able to start your career as a trader.

Your Withdrawal Methods

We also ensure that our traders are able to withdraw their money in a short period of time and in the most convenient and safest possible way. We responded to the needs of our traders and optimised our withdrawal procedures to make sure that our traders are getting their money on time.

Your Trading Security

At Stellar Finance, we didn’t skimp on the security aspect throughout our trading platform. We have use recognised international norms to protect our traders and ourselves against any malicious act. “Is my fund safe?” , “Can I trust this Stellar Finance?” or “How safe is it to transfer my money?”. We responded to these questions of our traders by converging our efforts towards protecting every single touchpoint of our traders with Stellar Finance.

Your Compliance Procedures

Closely related to the security aspect we enforce on our website, we also have compliance procedures to protect our traders’ trading accounts against any fraudulent activity and usurpation of identity. How do we do it? We simply request our traders to submit legal documents to authenticate their identity. These documents are kept safely according to our privacy policies and serve the unique purpose of protecting trading accounts.