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About Us

Launched in 2016, Stellar Finance quickly gained momentum in the binary options industry. We are fully committed to bringing the best services to our traders. There is no doubt that with so much of resources invested in offering top notch services, it is a matter of time that we end up as a leading broker in the industry.

We take immense pride in the fact that in only a few months, we took a commanding place in the industry. This is the result of an accrued effort in offering the best to our traders. We believe in innovation and creativity. Stellar Finance is set to bring a paradigm shift to allow our traders to make sizeable profits Accuracy and innovation became our credos. Hence, we replicate these two essential elements in all our doings.

Technology at Stellar Finance

In an effort to provide the best services to our traders, our experts made sure to adopt the latest and most accurate technologies. For instance, our trading platform, supported by SpotOption, provides the best trading environment for traders to make profits.

As such, our trading platform has been developed bearing in mind the requirements and safety of traders. Moreover, we provide several add-on features to enhance your trading experience.

The Team at Stellar Finance

Our team consists of passionate, creative and intelligent individuals who work together and devise various strategies to ensure that we are responding to the expectations of our traders. Our team remain fully focussed in adapting new market demands to our trading services. We will strive to continuously improve to meet new level of unparalleled limits.

Why should you trust Stellar Finance?

The industry of binary options is changing at an incredible pace. We see brokers proliferating everyday and it is sometimes very difficult to choose the right one.

These are the top reasons why you should trust us as your long time partner.

  • Our customer support is one of the most efficient in the industry. Yes, we timed, tested and compared.
  • Optimum safety all through our trading platform.
  • We help you grow in a professional trader with the support of our dedicated experts.
  • We enable trading on more than 60 assets within 4 different arrays consisting of stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.
  • Highest payout in the industry.

Security at Stellar Finance

Together with our state of the art platform, we also went the extra mile, providing 100% safety and security throughout our website. This means that all information are confidential and protected by advanced security features.